Monday 28 January 2019

How To Stop A Fussy Eater - Taste Testing!

This turned out to be so much more fun than I thought it would be. 

I had the idea for blind taste testing when we opened a can of prunes in syrup the other day. Two of the children wouldn't try them just because of how they looked.

So not wanting my children to think like that, I decided to do something fun to prove them wrong.

A Blind taste test!

I set the kids to preparing the veg for a burns night supper of haggis, mash and lot of veg.

Whilst they were occupied doing that I went round the kitchen and pantry and collected up lots of interesting items and ingredients all with different tastes. 

I think I managed to get around a dozen things in the end. They included pickled beetroot, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomato, pear, quince cheese, cold cooked pasta, tinned prunes, tinned figs, smoked salmon, cheese, dark chocolate and some frozen peas.

The giggling started as soon as the first blindfold went on! They all thought it was hilarious!

The funniest bit was when I had my blindfold on and every time I went to open my mouth the boy would pop a pea in there, no matter what I was supposed to be eating! My eldest was laughing so hard at this that she fell off her chair!! So funny to hear their giggles like that!

The best thing was that they all liked the prunes and agreed that they should have gone on taste not looks!

Even I was surprised by how different things tasted when you can't see them, it was hard to work out a few things fed into my mouth, even though I knew what they all were.

The children are already planning on doing this again soon, with plans to rope in grandma and granddad! They already have a list of ideas of foods they could use!

Such a fun thing to do I just had to share it with you all! I'm smiling as I think about it!

What foods would you use on a taste test like this?


  1. What a brilliant idea! different fruits, raw veg - you could highlight the difference between cooked and tinned food, although obviously you don't want to open loads of tins unless you can use them all. How about some different types of cheese?

    1. Cheese is a good one, it'll be fun in the summer when we have lots more growing and see if they can name the flavours and try different beetroots etc.

  2. Omigosh, the list of foods to be tried in a test like this would be endless! Such a great teaching idea you came up with. And for the kids to see you and your wife participate was also motivating for them, I'm sure.

    I once worked with a gal who had lost her sense of smell which affected her sense of taste in turn. She found she couldn't eat shrimp or lobster because even though she knew she had loved them before, with no sense of smell or more importantly taste, the texture was "just awful," she said.

    1. Having my wife and I do it made it so fun for them, for them to be in control like that. They giggled so hard they found if difficult to find our mouths with the spoons!
      I have a friend who has lost his sense of taste, and to him everything just tastes bland, must be terrible.

  3. Great idea. How about artichoke (the bottled or tinned ones), avocado, kiwi and sprouting broccoli. I think these all look strange but I love the tastes.

    1. Good choices! Kiwi would be great as it kind of fizzes on your tongue! I don't think I've ever had avocado myself to be honest so be an interesting one to try. Love artichoke, never brought them like that though, only ever grown them and loved them, so think this would be great to try!


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