Thursday, 30 June 2016

Precast Concrete Shed Plans

Another one from the woodworker this week - Some plans for a making a precast concrete shed from scratch! No a basic level of woodworking that's for sure! 

How do you think you'd get on building it and all the formers? I'm a carpenter and I think it looks like hard work! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Cold Frame Plans - The Woodworker

I stubbed across these wood working plans for a cold frame in an old issue of the woodworker the other day and I thought I'd share them all with you. 

I think these cold frames would be great! 
What do you think could you follwo these plans form the 1950's?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Friendly Hens

I was showing my neighbour my ex commercial hens the otherday and he remarked on how friendly they were. 
Just as he said it one jumped up onto his arm. 
It made us both laugh. It's funny how these birds, that have had so little human contact, can be so friendly! 

Saturday, 25 June 2016


I've woke up yesterday to know that I'm bringing my children up in a world with less unity. 

It's not even about the market crashes and recession that's going to follow. It's the selfishness of the act.
When people talk about making "Briton great again" I think they often forget how many people and nations we hurt to do that and how only a rich few benefitted from it at the time.

I guess time will tell on this decision but I can't help feeling that even in the unlikely situation that Britain is better off, the world as a whole is not.

Although I'm disappointed with the result I still have respect for anyone that voted, it's always a shame that more people dont vote. 

But we live in a democracy and the people have spoken, now we just have to make the best of it, Continue to work hard, and do well.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fathers Reading Every Day

There's always a lot of "Dad Slamming" on the internet and social media which reinforces outdated stereotypes, there is also a lot of positive stuff out there. 
One I stumbled across was this campaign to get fathers reading to their children everyday and I thought it was a great idea.
I was always read to everyday as a child, a bedtime story is an essential part of the day when you're growing up, but if you're not brought up with that then you don't realise how important it is. Five minutes spent reading a story each night is shown to have a huge impact on how children learn to read and I should imagine it encourages a love of books that will roll on into adulthood. 

Here's what their website says about their campaign:
Fathers Reading Every Day is a really simple programme that encourages dads to read with their children at home. It changes lives. Its effects are most powerful among children from disadvantaged backgrounds – and it’s brilliant with boys especially.
We’ve set ourselves the goal of bringing FRED to 200 schools and children’s centres, reaching over 6,000 children, this year. We’ve already trained schools in London, Greater Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bradford and Rochdale. By telling your local school about FRED, donating in honour of Father’s Day (19 June 2016) and sharing a photo of yourself or a much-loved dad reading, using the hashtag #DadsReading, you could help us reach even more.
Too many kids lack a supportive learning environment at home – and getting dads reading is a vital part of changing that. Children whose dads read to them from an early age, do better…and FRED has been shown to have a huge impact on reading, writing and even maths. In fact, researchers found that children who took part in FRED were four times as likely as those who did not, to make greater-than-expected progress in reading!

We love reading in our household and if I could get away with just reading one book a day to my children it would be a miracle! We often say that we know when a guest has "made it" in our house when the girls bring them a story they want reading.
My favourite story to read the children. I know it off by heart from reading it hundreds of times but I still love it.
"It was late at night and time for bed, the clock was ticking when somebody said..."

I think encouraging more people to read stories to children in this age frequently filled with tablets and smart phone is a great idea.

What's your favourite bedtime story?
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