Friday, 7 August 2020

I Managed To Can Some Tomatoes!!

Managed to sneak enough tomatoes away from the kids to preserve some for winter! 

I know it's not huge amounts but I'm going on the little and often approach. This time I used my small pot and did one at a time while I was doing other jobs in and around the kitchen. My big saucepan takes so long to heat up I though this might be better - in fairness when I started I only planned to do one! 

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Wear A Mask?

There seems to be a lot of debate about wearing a mask at the moment. 

Now I'll be honest and say I only normally go shopping to buy food for animals (and I include the children in that description) and to buy wood, so I'm hardly a big high street shopper.

I'm not sure about the scientific information out there or who is right or wrong - I'm a carpenter and I hope brighter minds than mine are making the decisions (otherwise we're all screwed!). 

All I think is that at the moment that if I don't wear a mask then it might make someone fell uncomfortable, so I'll wear mine to make sure that doesn't happen. Luckily me eldest (with help from her mum) made me this mask to wear so I'm sorted. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

The Wonderful Achocha?

I've done my talk on unusual veg quite few times now ( a few dozen!), it's a really popular one and one I love doing. I just love talking about all these unusual foods that my kids think are normal yet people have never heard of. In fact I love it so much that I've put together a second talk on the subject and garden clubs seem keen to have me back with that one as well! 

One thing I do get a lot from it is often people telling me they've grown something from the list and didn't like. Normally it's Achochas or Cucamelons. 

Each time I have the same answer -

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Summer Harvests

There's certainly something about this time of year and the harvests that it brings. 

The kids are particularly in love with it and keep coming back with huge saucepans of tomatoes and cucumbers. 

I keep (mistakenly) thinking that we'll get to cook with them, but nope they'll eat one of these in a single sitting. The other day my wife had to talk the children out of eating tomatoes for breakfast! They have a habit of eating too much fruit and veg as it is, so to add it in for breakfast would be too much . 

So what's your favourite thing for a summer glut of tomatoes? just to eat them like we do or do you take it to another level?

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

The Chicken Of Tomorrow

When I shared some pictures of my indian game cockerels on twitter the other day we got talking about how they had been used in developing the modern meat birds. 

This lead us to talk bout "The Chicken Of Tomorrow" competition. Amazing to think that the development of a strain of chickens was a national effort in America and how they were worried at after the second world war people might not bother to eat chicken if birds with more meat couldn't be developed, switching back to just eating red meat. 

Incredible that the Ross Cobb birds we grow each year are descendant from these birds (the same type if birds tend to be called cornish crosses in America). But it also shows that by selling a hybrid like this the hatcheries make people dependant on buying from then. Much the same as the big seed companies have done with hybrid corns and grains. 

One reason why I've been interested in developing my own meat flock and trying different crosses with the indian game I have already. 

The video above is quite long but I watched it with my eldest and we both found it fascinating and a bit of food history that as people that produce our own meat should knwo about. 

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