Thursday, 28 July 2016

Eden Channel Four - Episode Two

I'm continuing to enjoy this new series by Channel four, the second episode was really interesting. If you don't watch it then I wouldn't bother reading the rest of this post!

I always enjoy seeing social dynamics develop and there has been some strong characters coming out of the woodwork.

The first one of these is Anton, the 40 year old survival trained guy. he's clearly not comfortable living with the group and I have a feeling that he thought it was going to be a much more "survival" affair and I think this is partly why he's gone off to live in the woods. I can't help but like the fellow for striking out on his own but then I wonder how much he's contributing to the group, like working in the garden to provide food. If he wants to continue to take a ration then I hope that the house building is in his own time not the 6 hour working day they agreed on, that said I think the group should be more accepting of his ideas and allow him some material to build it.

Tom is the other very strong character that's emerged so far. He's a natural leader in some ways that he does business, like organising everyone for work each day, but then he also seems very bitchy, with whispers of what people are up to and who's not pulling their weight. He's also seems to have it in for Anton and I get he feeling that if it's not what he want then he'll whine and moan about it.

Stephen the chef seems like a top guy, keeping everyone happy with great food, but then I felt that he inflamed the situation with Anton with how he approached him in the wood. I do think that this guy is going to be a key player through the whole thing though.

I still think that construction has taken too much priority over food. The garden and stock should be the important thing to start with, not building a steam lodge or a tepee. it would only take the pigs a night time of feasting to ruin all their gardening and hard work which could cut the whole thing short.

I was also disappointed with the junk food delivery by boat. The last thing I want to watch is Big Brother or the programme to go anywhere near it.

One thing I've been mulling over in my mind about the whole experiment is peoples places in Eden and how that would work. I think how would I place myself in there, as a carpenter that would be my role but I know I'd want to be in the garden and with the stock just as much. Do the people with the "important" trades get an opportunity to do other things or are they pigeon holed into their trade and have to run that area of Eden?

What did you think of the second episode?

What would your role be in Eden?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Amazon Drone Delivery A Bad Idea

Now I'm no Luddite, but I heard about this new drone delivery system from Amazon that is stepping up it's testing after being given approval from the UK Government. 
Under the new rules they no longer need line of sight contact with their drones 

Sometimes my minds boggles at why anyone can think an idea is a good one, this is one of those times.

First of all who would this benefit if it worked? Only impatient consumers who can't wait for a next day delivery and the shareholders at Amazon.

There is also a small few in very isolated areas that could benefit from these deliveries as well (I imagine in the outback in Australia or similar if they had the range).

And for the negative - it would take away jobs, delivery drivers would be massively impacted by this.

 There would be increased noise and it would make our air space much more dangerous. Not only that but it would be only a matter of time before one of these fell out of the sky and killed someone. 

I would imagine that it would have an affect on wildlife as well if there was hundreds of these things bussing around the skies.

Then there's the privacy issue as everything it sees in the air through it's cameras would be recorded and I have no doubt that data would be sold to the highest bidder.

And the theft issue, if someone with an unscrupulous background saw one of these flying above them, it would be easy to chase it, watch where it lands and steal the package, there is even talk of them being hacked in the sky and flown away. 

What is your opinion on these?
I'm not saying I encourage it but it they were knocked out of the sky I don't think I would see it as a bad thing! 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Seven Years Married

Seven years ago today I married the most amazing woman I've ever met. 
 Our wedding day was the most perfect day ever. We had a marque on my parents farm and had perfect weather even though it had been raining for weeks before hand ad were joined by all our friends and family. 

It seems mad that so much time has passed already, seven years seemed to have flown by, in fact the 14 we've been together seemed to have! 
Now it's mad to imagine our life then and how different it was before children, this place and how much free time we used to have.
I know I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. 
Thank you to my wife for putting up with me for all those years! I love her more everyday.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Changing A Tap & A Wet T-Shirt

The tap in the picture below has bugged me for the last four and a half years. 
This is because previously it was upside down, nothing would connect properly and hose pipes would kink. 
Of course it's easy to put a job like that off. I've had the washer on the shelf for three of those years but never got round to it. So Friday night I had a spare half hour and decided to tackle it. 

I lay down on the kitchen and contorted myself into a weird shape with an outstretched arm to get to the stop tap under the kitchen units. I then shouted my wife to come and put the tap on and tell me when the water was off.

I should be able to tell which way is on and off fairly easily (righty tighty - lefty loosy and all that) but whether it was the angle my body was at or something else I turned it the wrong way. This (although she denies it) coupled with my wife's dry sense of humour meant that as I turned the tap the wrong way, my wife also turned the kitchen tap off, making me think I'd turned the water off. 

She then said nothing as I went outside with some spanners and took the tap off the wall. 
I got blinking soaked and couldn't figure out why the water was still coming out! I thought it was just what was left in the pipes to start with. I then had to get back under the kitchen units to actually turn off the tap once I figured this out (the other way this time!). Before going back outside and changing the tap for a new one and adding a washer to turn it the right way round.

Good job it was a hot day! 

Something I should have done years ago as it only took about half an hour! 

Who else has a job they've put off for ages? 
Who else's partner has got them into trouble like that?

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Supernanny In Our House...

Loved all the comments yesterday, I'm glad I'm not alone in my thinking!

As we've been talking a lot about the upbringing and behaviour of children this week I though I'd share this little gem with you. 

Sol Shared a link yesterday about supernanny US, with some pretty flaky parenting, and it made me remember the UK  episode below.

What I really like about this episode is that it is filmed in our old house! 

Don't worry it doesn't involve us though - this all took place the year before we moved into that village. Within a few days of us being there a neighbour dropped off a DVD of the episode and told us to watch it. It was funny to see our house in such a different setting and to look up at the ceiling and see the dents made by the children as they through their tantrums. Also just look at the colour of the walls, first thing we did was paint the kitchen!

We certainly picked up some hints from watching supernanny in the past, I have to admit to really liking the woman, although it must be a last resort to have your troubles put onto TV. 

What do you think, are you a fan of supernanny? 

Has anything ever been filmed in your house?

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