Sunday, 25 September 2022

I built a Medieval Carved Chest - With The Wrong Wood!

This last week I set myself a tricky project. A carved medieval chest.

I was given the idea by someone I met who was into LARPing (Live Action Role Play), they are always after props and items to make the experience more real. He showed me some of the bits and bobs they have and I saw some chests in the background. I thought it would make a fun project and be a great source of material for an article in Woodcarving magazine (which I try to write for every issue at the moment). 

To keep costs low I carved it out of some brilliant quality pine boards that I have. 

What a mistake that was! 

Friday, 23 September 2022

28 Jars Of Jam Didn't Set! Argh!

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself the other morning, as before 9.30 in the morning I had made 28 jars of damson jam, my favourite jam. 

I was feeling a whole lot less pleased when I came back in later that day and saw that none of it had set! What a disaster! 

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Warner's King - An Underrated Cooking Apple

I know I've posted about this cooking apple before (when we had one that was the same size as my son's head)  but it's such a good cooker it's worth repeating. 

 As I've been trying to add some content to my YouTube channel I thought it might make a good short video to go on there. 

It's a great early (ish) cooking apple that cooks down to a fine fluff. Keeps into the New Year as well which is a great thing with such an early apple. 

What's your favourite early apple?

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Rodent Damaged Squash!

Few things in the garden feel worst than walking through it to inspect the crops and find this kind of damage - 

The night before they were fine and untouched. 

I'm not sure what has done this overnight but my guess is either rats or squirrels (they could have done it early morning before I got up!). 

I'm gutted. Need to set some traps really and deal with it. 

Anyone else experience much pest damage at the moment?

Share your woes, it won't make me feel better but at least it'll be a problem shared! 


Monday, 19 September 2022

Fixing A Broken Spade Handle

Just before the first Covid lockdown I broke a couple of spades (I try to go too fast and too much at times!) so I ordered some replacement handles and rivets to repair them when I got time. 

My trouble is jobs like that never find time! And so long as I had another spade it was never going to happen. So when my third one started to wobble I thought I should get repairing. 

It's a relatively easy job with only a couple of difficult bits - removing the old broken handle and shaping the new one. 

I filmed myself fitting a new one, no talking, just showing what I did. I have a fork to fix as well so if people would like a longer more explained video I might make one of those later this week. 

As always let me know what you think. If you could leave a comment on my YouTube video it might help other people find it and help me hit the 4,000 watch hours I need to monetise it (which is so far off it's not even funny! lol)  

Anyone else repair their garden tools rather than buy new ones?

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