The last few years I've given a number of talks to garden clubs and garden festivals and have discovered it's something I absolutely love doing.

I bring my full passion for gardening, smallholding and my very hands on life to the talks.

The following is the talks I have available at the moment. They are all extensively illustrated with digital images.

Unusual Fruit and Veg

Lots of edible plants for people to learn.

Preserving the harvest

Far beyond jam and chutney.

Each talk is filled with lots of information but also lots of funny stories and anictdotes of family life here, with three young children involved in everything day to day there are a few stories to tell!

I cover Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and South Shropshire.

Please send me an email at to find out more information and current pricing.

Talk Feedback:- 

"A very lively and interesting talk" - Caynham Gardening Club

"Thank you very much for your talk, it was much enjoyed by everybody and we're now looking forward to the next one. Your enthusiasm come through and really enlivens your talk, I'm afraid to say I have dropped off with the odd speaker that we have had in the past, no chance with you! I will of course recommend you!" - Risbury Gardening Club

"You inspired, informed and entertained" - Hereford Seed Swap

"An Excellent talk, something quite different!" - Hamnish Garden Club

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