The last few years I've given a number of talks to garden clubs and garden festivals and have discovered it's something I absolutely love doing.

I bring my full passion for gardening, smallholding, preserving and my very hands on life to the talks, as well as my sense of humour!

The following is the talks I have available at the moment. They are all extensively illustrated with digital images. I have lots of feedback at the bottom of the page as well!

Unusual Fruit and Veg I

Lots of edible plants for people to learn.

Preserving the harvest

Far beyond jam and chutney. How to waste less from your garden and deal with gluts! Dehydrating, canning, fermenting! Literally my favourite subject, there aren't many weeks in the year where we don't preserve something for future use! 

Unusual Fruit and Veg II

Because one talk wasn't enough on the subject! Here I talk about another host of fruit, veg and herbs, many people already have growing in their garden without even realising it and some they will have never heard of!

A Talk About Our Homestead & How We Got Here
I've had a few requests to give a talk about our lifestyle and what we get up to. I love giving this talk, I try to add in lots of funny stories and even the story about how my wife and I delivered our son on the bathroom floor. I constantly update this one and it's never the same twice! 

Coming soon - Stone Soup

A talk about gaining extra meals and ingredients from in and around the garden. Using parts of the plant you wouldn't normally think of and doing what I call "suburban foraging". This talk should be ready for summer 2022

Each talk is filled with lots of information but also lots of funny stories and anecdotes of family life here, with three young children involved in everything day to day there are a few stories to tell!

I cover Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and South Shropshire.

Please send me an email at to find out more information and current pricing.

Talk Feedback:- 

"A very lively and interesting talk" - Caynham Gardening Club

"Thank you very much for your talk, it was much enjoyed by everybody and we're now looking forward to the next one. Your enthusiasm come through and really enlivens your talk, I'm afraid to say I have dropped off with the odd speaker that we have had in the past, no chance with you! I will of course recommend you!" - Risbury Gardening Club

"You inspired, informed and entertained" - Hereford Seed Swap

"An Excellent talk, something quite different!" - Hamnish Garden Club

"Once again I would like to thank you for your enjoyable and informative talk last evening. I’m sure most of our members learned something new and your enthusiastic and engaging manner made the evening quite memorable.
I’ve no doubt several of us will be trying out a few new ideas in the future but whether we shall be able to match your success, I don’t know!" - Severn Side Cottage Garden Society 

"Many many thanks for such an enjoyable talk at Cottage Garden Society last night.
It was so interesting and informative and with your humorous slant.
I have heard Mark Diacona do a similar talk on unusual veg and fruit ( that's why I knew more of the answers than most of the audience!) but your talk was  certainly as good as, if not better than his. 
There are so many pictures in my mind of your lovely children, sharing and eating the produce, getting muddy and having fun  and of course, helping you with all the tasks!!
I shall be passing your name to my other Garden group as a being a good  speaker to have on the programme." - Mrs Shelia F 

"...all enjoyed your talk very much and were very impressed with your enthusiastic delivery.  We liked your  youthful exuberance and your alternative approach to life in general bringing your children up to enjoy a relaxed and happy childhood...
...May I thank you most warmly for standing in at the last minute. We really appreciated that you came to our rescue at such short notice.
The committee wishes you well  in the future and may you continue to spread the word  so enthusiastically," - Mrs Edna W Eastwood Garden Club

"Thank you so much for coming to our garden club and giving a great talk on "Preserving the Harvest from your Garden".
We were all truly entertained and loved your ideas, enthusiasm, knowledge and your whole way if life! How you fit everything you do into your days is unbelievable but you have given us  a lot to think about and we will certainly try out some of your ways of preserving all the lovely fruit and vegetables that we grow instead of wasting it." - Sue Mansel Lacy Garden Club

"The gardening club was very fortunate to an informative and entertaining talk and left plenty of food for thought!" - Orleton and District Gardening Club

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