Sunday, 4 April 2021

Bird Box With My Middlest

I've been building a great project with my eldest after school and a few hours on the weekend - a spoon mule (a variant of a shave horse) but was aware that my younger children were also keen to build something with me. 

With my younger daughter (my middlest) I decided that a simple bird box might make a great little project we could easily complete together. I cut all the pieces ready and then got her to drill all the pilot holes to guide the nails. 

I think we could maybe do with a lighter hammer for them, but she managed to knock most of the nails in unaided. We used the vice in the workshop to help hold bits while she lined them up as well (not in any photos).

We put the hole in the front the right size for a sparrow, but that is suitable for other types as well. Top is screwed on so we can clean it out should we need to. 

Probably a bit late to be putting it up but better late than never! Last year we did one around this time and had blue tits in it within days! We placed this down in the coppice area, be nice to make a few more and have them all around the place.

What type of bird boxes do you have at your place - does anyone find a certain style works better than any others?

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Poultry Out Of Lockdown!

So this week the poultry could come back out and free range! Woop! 

It hasn't been too bad as I have lots of pens, but I was desperate to get the ducks out of the polytunnel! 
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