Sunday 25 August 2013


This week I've been building a large green oak frame at mum and dads farm so I could use one of their barns to build it in. Everyday I've walked over to the orchard I planted 8 years ago and helped myself to a discovery apple.
Planted 8 years ago at mum and dads
A lot of people slate the discovery apple, but fresh off the tree it takes some beating, espally when there is very little else ripe this early in the season. I think that the reason people have a bad opion of this apple is because it doesn't keep, like all early apples, and so when you buy it in the supermarket it's already on its decline.
It's a good tasting, crisp apple and after 6 months of eating imports or ones that have been in cold storage it make a refreshing change.
What other early apple does everyone else recommend?

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Topping Damson Orchard

Had a blast from the past today as I topped the "caravan field" at my mum and dads whilst waiting for some timber to arrive. This little old tractor is the first tractor I can remember driving and she's still going strong.
The caravan field is a little 5 van caravan site my mum and dad have on their farm in a small field. It was originally an old damson orchard with plenty of perry pear trees chucked in for good measure. In fact when I think about it there are perry pear trees all over the farm - someone in the past must have liked a drink of it!

Saturday 17 August 2013


I came back yesterday after working in France for a week as a Charpentier.
The grass needs cutting, the weeds are running wild, the chickens need cleaning out and no fairies have been in and finished off the living room for me, but it's still good to be back and great to see my wife, bump and little girl again after spending a week away.
Although I don't like being away from them, it's sometimes does you good so then you don't ever take them for granted.

Friday 2 August 2013


As a nation, we Brits do like to moan about the weather.
But I'd like to say, as a man that works outside quite a bit, that this summer has been amazing for weather so far. 
My little helper
We've had plenty of sun and plenty of rain so the veg is looking great (if a little weedy) and everything seems to be growing well, bushes full of fruit and young trees all coming along nicely. All completely different to 12 months ago! How does everyone elses veg garden look this year compaird to last year?
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