Wednesday 27 April 2022

Making a Gate From A Yew Log - Green Woodworking - Part 1

 When I was in Wales working on the roof my friend text me and said they had some Yew down in the last storm and would it be any good for anything before they log it for firewood. 

I had been just making an arch from Sweet chestnut for a magazine article for Woodcraft Magazine so had been getting into cleaving my own timber. I consulted Woodland Crafts In Britain by H.L Edlin and it said - 

"It is very durable out of doors, and old tree trunks are still cleft or hewn into fence posts that are claimed, with good reason, to outlast iron."

So I decided it was probably worth a go! 

Monday 25 April 2022

Big Cut Roof Job In Wales - Internals First Fix

One of my favourite jobs in carpentry is studding. Trouble was we had a fair bit to do before we could get there. 

The lovely old floor boards had seen better days (and better trades) so we decided the first thing to do was cover them with ply to make them a bit flatter and a bit stronger. 

Saturday 23 April 2022

Big Cut Roof Job In Wales - Side 2 - Roofing

 Something about a roofing job. Not sure what it is. People are often in awe of builders chucking on a new roof. In truth once the thinking part is done much of it is very simple. But some roofs have much more thinking than others involved in them!

This was one of the ones with more thinking in it! 

Thursday 21 April 2022

Big Cut Roof Job In Wales - Side 1 - Roofing

So Somehow I got roped into a big roofing job. 

Repairing a roof on my parents property in Wales. Also add three dormers and two velux roof lights to make it a more useable and well lit space. 

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Sea Of Edible Greens In The Greenhouse

 Sorry no posts for the last week or so - It's been a bit mad but I have some really interesting posts coming up to make up for it (and to explain why I've been so busy!). 

ButI thought I'd do a quick post on how much I'm loving my bed in the greenhouse at the moment. 

It's become a beautiful sea of edible greens! 

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Sunday With The Children

 #### This blog post contains pictures of dead animals. If that offends you then don't click read more and come back another time. ####

I often wonder what the children will remember from their childhood. What will form core memories for them. 

Sunday is a simple day that I enjoy. I love when we go out for the day but I also love it when we stay home and tackle a load of jobs together. 

Sunday 3 April 2022

Duck & Raspberry Pen

 So, thought I'd do a bit more about the new tunnel as there was quite a few questions. 

The 60 raspberry canes turned up early last week and I got them in the ground within an hour of them turning up!

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