Saturday 16 February 2013

Planting Damsons & A Tree Monster

To atone for my sins of cutting down two trees over the last couple of weekends I planted three damson trees today.
I think these will be the only damson trees I'll plant on our smallholding as there is only so many damsons you need (although that said I know what I'm like with fruit trees!)
The three varieties of damson - Merry Weather, King of the damsons and Langley bullace

I quite like the moody sky in the background (10ft whip of a tree nearest in photo)
 Last weekend I cut down another tree. It was a horrible fast growing fir so don't feel too bad for it. Whilst cutting the branches off I noticed something furry about half way up.
Sitting pretty
 I had no idea what would sit there whilst I was hacking all around it with a chainsaw. I poked it gingerly with a stick (this was before all the branches were gone you understand) nothing. I climbed up to inspect and came face to face with this:
It made me jump when I first saw it.
Evil eyes?

I've no idea how long he's been up there but he looked a bit sorry for himself.
He's still attached to his branch even now pooor little guy didn't want to leave it - just his branch is now in the wood pile!


  1. It looks a little like the flotsam I used to see in MOTHER SHIPTONS CAVE

    1. I've just searched that and it might be a good day out when the little one is a little older!

  2. Thats really surreal, someone's little joke from the past, I can see how it made you jump.

  3. You can't consign your little tree monster to the woodpile! You are a crafter of wood so tidy up his perch and relocate him somewhere nice. After all, he has been keeping an eye on the place for goodness knows how long.

    1. The wood pile is quite nice - he's in the dry for the first time in years!

  4. Awww.....don't burn him, he's the watcher of the land and will bring you luck (and also make you jump out of your skin on many occasions).

    Sue xx

    1. I may have to find a new home for him if everyone is going to be on his side!

  5. Replies
    1. Be careful what you wish for, I could airmail him to you.


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