Sunday 26 May 2013


Sorry if I've been a bit quiet this week on the blog front. I've been really busy at work and hundreds of other things always seem to get in my way.
 Before we moved here I never really minded buttercups.
In fact I always thought they were quite pretty. And great for telling if you like butter or not!
That was until I spent most of last summer trying to pull them out of my veg garden.
I think as weeds go they're up there with grass (only a weed where you don't want it) and docks. They have lots of long thin roots and they spread at a ridiculous rate.

Our 2 acre field looks quite pretty with the buttercups this week!
Has everyone else gained some plants on the "public enemy" list that they never thought they'd be fighting against?


  1. Buttercups. Oh yes. not a pretty sight!

  2. Dandelions and ragwort, as well as buttercups, however many I pull up, they never seem to get any less.

    Noticed how they're all yellow flowers?

  3. Wild geraniums. They are a pretty little purpley/pink flower but they absolutely stink, enough to make me gag.Horrid things.
    Jane x


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