Saturday 8 September 2012

Hay making

It's been a busy week this week. Coming home from work I've had to turn the hay to get it to dry, although doing this in the evening isn't as good as doing it in the mid-day sun, i wanted to get it ready for the weekend. 
sunny evenings
  Yesterday evening I book the contractor to come and bale my three little fields on Saturday. I'd have it all rowed up and ready for him, just had to pray for sunshine.
Last bit of spreading the hay
 We woke up to a thick fog this morning and it took until half ten to clear, I then turned it all before lunch so the sun could dry the underside, after lunch I went out and turned the wet bits under trees and round the edges again before setting the hay bob to row up.
All rowed up and ready
I rowed up all three fields then went to unlock the road gate just as "spike" the contractor turned up!

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