Sunday 21 July 2013

Moving Bales

The bales have gone today. Dad found someone who wanted to buy them so picked them up this afternoon. As well as this he came with a trailer full of bits and bobs for a rather large project we're starting next weekend (but more on that later in the week).
An enjoyable job

A good, secure load

Off they go!

A flat tyre just to make things interesting!

Getting a wheel off a tractor with no jack - just a few tricks my dad taught me!
Things were going so well until we had a flat tyre on the little loader tractor. The only advantage with this was dad showed me a trick on how to take a tyre off a tractor without using a jack (as I didn't have one).
We did have to continue loading the trailer with the flat tyre, but as the tyre is completely perished where it burst it will need to be scrapped anyway so no great loss, just bad timing!


  1. A job well done! You made someone happy with all that hay.

  2. A clean hayfield is always a pretty sight!

  3. Challenges are always happening on the farm! Glad you know a few tricks!

  4. Always good to sell them before it rains :-)

    Drat the flat, they always happen at awkward moments.

  5. I love to see bales of hay in the fields.
    Jane x

  6. that's a fair load of hay.. how many acres of fields produced that?

  7. Do you love the net-wrapping? It's on our wishlist for the farm... have heard wonders about how it cuts down on waste!


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