Wednesday 9 April 2014

Waxed Hat

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and as usual I was spoilt rotten. My wife was struggling with what to get me, so I asked for a waterproof hat.
I always end up working in the rain, either at work, on the smallholding, or in the garden and when your hair gets wet it makes you feel much colder that you actually are.
 So she brought me this waxed hat - I decided that my girls model it much better than I do!
I'm hoping it will last a life time, it got put through it's paces on the first day I had it when we were roofing in a downpour, I did take a bit of flack from some of the lads but my head was dry and theirs wasn't!
A waxed jacket might be in order next winter. I don't mind spending out on expensive items if they last a long time, work how they're suposed to and wear in well.
Anyone else got any items of clothing that they expect to last them out?


  1. I wear a baseball hat every day around the smallholding. It keeps my head dry and it also protects me when I go under a tree branch or near some brambles. Wellingtons don't seem to last any more. I go through 3 pairs of wellingtons a year. I do have my favourite clothes and at least 8 hats.

  2. Awww .... what absolutely beautiful models .... I bet you don't look half as fetching in it.

    Although I wish my Lovely Hubby would get one I am sick of finding a soggy flat cap drying on the Aga ;-)

  3. Sweet photos!

    I have shoes and boots I bought in 1983...and leather gaiters that were first world war issue.

  4. After seeing your girls in the's wasted on you!
    Jane x

  5. I have a wax jacket from when I was 16 so nearly 20 years old. has had 2 zips replaced. and have recently bought a wax bag from Barbour to cart all my stuff to London when working there. it is really good when raining as it has kept my laptop dry

  6. A Guinness fleece jacket, bought for me by No 2 son about 18 years ago, I still wear it every day, the zip still works, even if it is a bit tighter.

    A baseball cap I got given by a Bacardi promotion on a ferry about 7 years ago, worn every day, I don't go out without it, still going strong.

    A tee-shirt from Bangkok, cost 90p 8 years ago, worn every week, the colour's faded a bit but still wearing it every week, tee-shirts I buy here don't seem to last very long.

  7. I have a hat like yours it's brilliant.Although not used much here - so much sunshine in Suffolk!

  8. Love the hat, although I must say, your girls are MUCH cuter! :)


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