Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Day Out - Croft Castle

We had a great day out with mum last week to Croft Castle in Herefordshire.
We did our usual thing of not going around the big house, only concentrating on the gardens - in fact when I got back I realised that I haven't even got a picture of the castle, or not the real one at least!
A great play area for the kids - I'd love to make something like this for mine!

Mini Castle!

A vineyard in the walled garden 
The veg area wasn't massive but it was well looked after
It had an old large greenhouse, beautifully restored

Tomatoes inside the greenhouse. It wasn't really very full, in fact I think I've got more tomato plants!

Still lots of untouched areas to the garden, which I really liked. I loved all the old lean-tos and sheds

This insect hotel looked great against the stone wall

We went on a walk around the grounds. Some lovely mature trees and this beautiful avenue planted for another time

It was all too much for one little girl

This one had a sleep but came back fighting!
National trust properties do make a great day out. If I had more time I'd probably become a member, but even without it's not too expensive - especially as we normally just go round the garden and grounds and bring a picnic!
I really enjoy having this shared love & interest in old gardens with my mum, there's no guessing where I got my love of gardening from! 
Is everyone else's love of gardening so easy to trace?


  1. Replies
    1. It was lovely and makes for a really nice day out.

  2. Herefordshire is beautiful, Kev. The National Trust have made 1200 allotments available to the public since 2009. I love large estates especially those with walled kitchen gardens.

    1. Yeah, I do love the country I live in! We wake up and just soak in the views every morning! I'm in love with walled gardens. They say some had so many bricks in you could have built 40 houses with them!

  3. We only visit National trust places when they have a free open day as we just can't afford it for five of us. We always donate something when we visit though.

    I love the snoozy pushchair pic x

    1. As we only had to pay for me (mums a member) it still worked out to be quite cheap.

  4. I think I'd like that castle for myself!
    My love of veggy gardening comes from my Dad. I was my Dad's shadow..I spent most of my weekends weeding ,learning how to hoe,picking veg etc.
    Jane x

    1. Yeah, as a kid (or even now) I would have loved it to play in!
      those weekends with your dad have stood you in good stead! Especially being a vegan, I can imagine it's even more important to have fresh fruit and veg!

  5. We used to belong to the National Trust, but spent more time walking the grounds than going inside the main houses. Nice day out for you all.

    1. We never really go into the houses. With the two little ones they'd probably do too much damage!

  6. One of the great things about the UK is all the good museums and archaeological sites. I'm a big fan of Roman history and enjoyed visiting some of the Roman sites. The British museum is the best ever. I also got to to the Royal Army Museum and the RAF Museum at Hendon. But I didn't make it to see HMS Victory and I really wanted to see that. On one float, our LST tied up in the Thames next to the HMS Belfast, so did get to see that.

  7. I agree with you Kev, one thing I always enjoyed about the castles, monasteries and manors I visited scattered around Europe were the little lean to and small workshop or other areas. Some of them you have to wonder what they were for if the place had not been restored. I also liked the little decorative add ons people did over the years as detail you didn't first notice.

  8. What a gorgeous place to visit, thank you for showing us around...

    I would dearly love a green house like that one...spectacular!


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