Wednesday 17 September 2014

Cordons - Summer pruning Year 2

My cordon apple trees have put on loads of growth again this year so last week I went back through them.
 I tied in the leader and cut back any growth to a couple of inches from the cut last year. This should encourage it to branch out and form fruiting spurs. the fruit will always be close to the tree with cordons. I've had some lovely and perfect apples off a few of the trees so I'm expecting great things!
They look nice and tidy again now they've been pruned. In years to come this is going to make a great divide between the field and the garden. I think there's 24 varieties of apple down this stretch so far with space to plant a few more.
I was a little disappointed to find that at the base of a few of the trees they were showing chew marks. Some little creature has been chewing them. I think it's mice as the garden is rabbit proof, but I've done myself no favours by letting it get so weedy under the trees, giving the little critters perfect protection from predators. Next year I must stay on top of weeding them better and mulch around the trees early on, I might also put a few traps down.    
Anyone else got mice problems in the garden? And has anyone else got cordon apple trees in?


  1. hi Kev. They look more like rat or rabbit gnawing marks to me. You can buy plastic tree guards that prevent damage from gnawing creatures and ring barking with a petrol strimmer. I mulch round my apple trees with rotted dung and grass clippings. Your cordons look really professionally pruned!

  2. I've got rabbit guards on all my trees in the orchard but as I rabbit proofed the garden I didn't think I'd need them. I might buy another job lot off ebay and fit them anyway just to be sure.

  3. i havent got any cordon trees, I think they look so lovely. There is a couple of apple trees here I need to research on a bit of pruning they need it badly.

    1. @Just make sure if they need a lot off that you do it over a couple of years rather than trying to take too much in one go. There are some good books out there on the subject


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