Tuesday 15 December 2015

What To Watch Over Christmas?

With a forced slow down ahead of me (baby due 8th of January) I'm wondering what I'll watch. I've been doing a lot of late night lately (11 O'clock last night on a job in Malvern - I must be mad) and I do plan on taking some actual time off between Christmas and New Year (finishing the porch is time off right?) and when the baby comes. 
I don't watch huge amounts of TV but as I've posted before when I do I tend to lean more towards YouTube than what's on the actual TV, so I thought I'd share what I've watched over the last few months whilst I've been cooking tea in the evenings and then maybe you guys could give me some good ideas what to add to my playlist afterwards.

Jas Townsend And Son Inc - This channel is about 18th century cooking and I find it really interesting as they use many cooking methods and recipes. I particularly like how they cook with wood fired ovens and the different cooking vessels they use.

Colin Furze - This guy was paid by Sky to do what he'd do if there was an upcoming apocalypse. He built a bunker in his back garden. The videos are quite good fun, with rock music playing, good editing and he doesn't do things by half! They will make you smile!

American Homestead - I'll forgive them for sounding like my blog name because their videos are so good. Based in the Ozarks these guys are proper off grid homesteaders. They do them as episodes over the summer months and each one is really interesting and you can pick up many tips from them by watching. Their aquaphonic system is a really impressive set up. all the videos have a good level of humour in them as well, I'm surprised they haven't been picked up by a TV company yet as I've been watching them for two years.

The Market Gardener - I know I've mentioned these videos and his book on here before but I think they're so good I'll mention them again. this guy does organic gardening with a scientific approach. I hope this is the future of how our veg are grown but I doubt it will be.

Ray Mears - I don't need to say much more other than that really, this guy is a legend and I particularly like his series on how the wild west was won, seeing it from the view of all sides and hwo hard it was for them to survive.

Chicken Moat -This video has given me an idea that I might be doing next year if I ever find the time. It could be the solution to the messy edges around my veg garden!

Rich Hall - This is an American comic who does well over here. A few years ago he did a series of documentary on the way we Brits see America. The one about native Americans is particularly good and done in a style that I find really entertaining, serious with a very dry humour.

So what does everyone have to recommend to me? I had some great recommendations last time I asked about this so I look forward to hearing what you say.


  1. You might find these of interest:
    The Boss of the Swamp

  2. My waistline more than anything else....

    1. Kev, I don't know any of those shows. I'm not that familiar with YouTube , though sometimes people send me links of good videos on things like disassembling a Japanese Type 99 rifle. Hey, that's a good one , check that out! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I mostly stick to Youtube too, the tv doesn't have much I'm interested in.

  4. I've bookmarked Townsend and Son, and will look at some of those when I have time.

    I'm afraid my very long list would have to be what NOT to watch.... not too useful.

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  6. Some good shows here, Kev. The Market Gardener looks like my sort of thing so I'll take a look over Christmas. It'll be better than the Queen's speech that's for sure!

  7. I've not seen or even heard of any of these, but then I don't watch mutch YouTube.

    I've just been watching the Dvds of River Cottage Australia, it's very easy watching. Our Hugh FW kicks it off and then it's an Aussie chef filling Hugh's English role of setting up a small holding. Quite basic stuff but enjoyable to watch.

  8. We've been enjoying Monte Don gardening programs - especially 'Around the World in 80 Gardens' on Youtube. If you haven't seen the James Herriot 'All Creatures' programs that might also be fun for you.

  9. Oh! And if you're needing something just totally off the wall for comedy fun, the Canadian program, Red Green, is a hoot, too. 300 episodes, all on Youtube.


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