Sunday 27 December 2015

Recovering From Christmas Excess

Starting to feel normal again after Christmas now. My stomach can't take another chocolate and I've put the rest of the turkey in the freezer to make curries with another day. We've got one Christmasey day left then its back to normal, working Tuesday to hopefully burn off some excess. 
I had a bit of time today organising my workshop and van ready for a busy start to next year, the baby could come at any time so keeping organised is key at the moment. 
 Today I had a walk out round the fields and it's so wet! The sheep are currently on vacation at my fathers farm and it's a good job as I think they'd sink. I left muddy foot prints across fresh grass, ditches are running like streams and the brook is almost across the road. Still we're much luckier than many across the country. 
I need to start putting some thought into where I'm going to lamb as the ewes have been tupped and are due in April sometime! 

I got some great presents over Christmas but who can tell me what these are:

And it you've already seen this question on facebook please don't answer! 


  1. Glad you are not getting the worst of the rain :) thise look like rubber band pliers for castration and docking lambs? We use a bigger pair for our bull calves...

  2. Its wet here just like there.
    Its rained till my chicken coop is like a swamp. I have to dig a outlet for drainage as we are having trouble with one corner holding inches as in 5 of water. Luckily the coop is big enough they don't have to get in that.. but ugggg.
    I don't know what you have there tool wise. But what Liz said sounds right to me ... ouch....

  3. Just heard the news, and parts of the UK are expecting yet more bloody rain. I really feel sorry for those people who are flooded. Not sure what your torture implement is, but it made my eyes water!

  4. I received a similar present a few years ago, so I won't spoil it for those who have to guess!
    I'm really pleased we have no sheep at the present as the paddock is so soaked it would be poached to mud in no time too.
    The flood are missing us thank goodness.

  5. Nut crackers - with or without the pun?

  6. I went to Farm college many years ago with a lass who kept one of the rubber bands on the zipper pull on her jacket ...she said it had a name on it.......

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  8. If the gift came from your wife she may be trying to tell you something.


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