Wednesday 20 January 2016

Buying Chilli Seed

Last year I grew quite a few different chilli plants and I've realised that my tastes are getting slowly hotter. A cayenne would have been far to hot for me a few years ago, now I want a whole one chopped up on a few slices of pizza, loving the kick it gives me! 
So the other day I decided to buy some new seeds and add to what I already grow. It came as a package from a Devon chilli farm and included:
Jamaican Red Saina
Space Chilli
Orange Jalapeno
Pencil Cayenne
Thai Bird's eye

Not sure if I'll plant them all yet or not but the idea of growing some Thai chillies really takes my fancy as I'm hoping I can make some spicy dipping sauce of my own. 
This year I want to be much better at separating them off to ensure they've not cross pollinated for seed saving, I'm thinking about using different windowsills in the house for different varieties but we'll see how that goes, I'm not great with house plants for some reason! 
I think I'll dig out my heated propagator and maybe sow them this weekend to get he longest growing season possible from them. 
When does everyone else sow their chilli seeds? 
Do you use grow lamps early in the year to speed them along?
What's your favourite type to grow?


  1. Mine were started last night in the heated propagator to give them some bottom heat they are indoors, once germinated they will move under a grow light panel so they dont become leggy and grow towards the light. I and growing a mixed lot and some piquant peppers, the hottest we have ever grown was Dorset Naga, Martin likes a hot chilli but these were so hot you could only have a very small amount.

  2. I'm also a bit of a hothead when it comes to food. Used to grow Nagas and Trinidad Scorpions, some of the worlds hottest and boy did they have a kick to them! i've grown apaches before too, good yeilds of small medium/hot chillis from those, good reliable little plant.

    I've got some Scotch bonnet, Scorpion Moruga and Habanero seeds if you want to do a seed swap and try some of the HOT HOT varieties?

  3. I sow my chilli seeds on boxing day. In doors.

    I love the ones called Mouse sh^t in Thai. I dont know what they are called in English. I have a plant that lives outside in the summer indoors in autumn/winter.

  4. hi kev! it's joyce at octoberferm. i couldn't find an email for you so i'll leave a message here. do you have any idea what's happened to tom gowans from hippo on the lawn? we are trying to find out if he is okay. i know you must be crazy busy with that wonderful new little guy but if you get a minute let me know if you have any ideas. thanks so much! joyce

  5. I grow so few that it's easier for me to buy plants. I grow 2 types 'Doux long des Landes' which is a non-hot chilli for frying as Tapas (delicious), and 'Impala' which is a hot devil for curries etc. Neither of which are probably available in the UK.

  6. I sow mine around about now, but just in a windowsill propagator. Then they go out into the greenhouse after the frosts. They always seem to do pretty well.


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