Monday 13 February 2017

Bout Of Man Flu

I wasn't feeling great on Thursday, not just because a crack in the car windscreen cost us £180, a lovely unforeseen cost. 
£180 crack
Luckily my mum had come over and helped me with the children but I certainly wasn't myself. On Friday I managed to get the eldest to school and the other two to playschool whilst I stood, watched them play and felt terrible, I then spent the rest of the day and night in bed. Saturday I was up for some of it but still felt terrible and yesterday I started to feel a little better but did nothing all day.

Luckily I'm feeling pretty good this morning, still full of cold but nothing that's going to stop me doing things. 

Good job as the children have got half term and I've got lots of play dates arranged to keep them (and me) entertained. 
I think the worst bit of being ill for me is the guilt of all that wasted time, I had big plans for this weekend just gone, I was going to put the proper floor down in the upstairs of the extension and sort out the chimney, but that didn't happen. 
Instead I watched films read some books and felt sorry for myself. 
Here's to a better week. I'm looking forward to doing some fun things with the kids (I normally work half term but my wife's school has a different one this year so I'll be work next week while she does the school run) and having a few productive evenings. 

Anyone else got anything fun planned for half term?


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  2. I am painting the kitchen. Everyone is saying it is a mistake as the room needs some colour but I am painting it all Swedish white. Dont push yourself too much you want to get over the flu, else it will linger for yonks. If it is what I had before Xmas, welcome to a cough for 3 weeks that doesnt shift.

    Have a great week with the kids, they are only little once!

  3. Glad you're feeling better. And never think of it as time wasted---it was time to "refresh". You'll attack those projects with more gusto than ever.

  4. Sickness is never convenient! I agree with the others that you need the rest. Give yourself permission to take a break and fully recover!

  5. Kev, it might have been real flu you know.

  6. It's so easy to get run down and sometimes you body decides it needs a rest. Keep warm and recharge your batteries Kev.

  7. Being "out of commission" really ticks me off, too, Kev. I realize it's a very poor way to handle it, but I spend the down time grumping about all I'm not getting done that I had planned on getting done . . . and then feeling waaaay behind when I'm finally up and about. When there are so many things in life that one wants to do, it's hard to be missing out even for a few days, isn't it? :o/

  8. I agree with Sol (and I'm a physician). You get better faster with lots of rest. Glad you're feeling better. We got a bunch of garden seeds going for seedlings. Saves a lot of money come garden-planting time. Middle child needed to see the dentist this afternoon (we don't get a half-term break in the US), as she had a couple of baby teeth that refused to fall out. Thankfully, she's my tough one, so she doesn't ever make a fuss at the dentist. Since she's on a soft diet for tonight, scramble eggs are on the menu (love my chickens!).

  9. Sorry to hear you had the flu. I just got over it, we are having an epidemic here in the states. You may have lost a little time but you can only rest up and get well when that stuff latches on to you.


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