Thursday 20 July 2017

Another Preppers Paradise - Farm To Sit Out The End Of The World?

I've no intentions of ever moving from this place but sometimes I stumble on an interesting property and just have to share it with you guys.
What about this for another Preppers Paradise
I say it's a little harder to get to than the last one, as this one has a causeway you can cross at low tide. but from the Orkney Islands! 

It also comes with 40 acres of land and although not in what I'd call "prime" growing area, I'm sure you could support your own family on an area like this, with sheep or goats as a main meat source as well.
It has a range of out buildings and some breath taking views as well as a seal colony!
I'd imagine to make it work you'd need to make the farm earn it's keep but also have something you could do from home (writting, workshop work, etc) that would pay in the quiet times, I'd imagine (although I might be wrong) that jobs might be hard to come by out there.

Certainly an interesting property and not badly priced with offers over £300K, maybe someones dream property, I know my wife would hate it! 

What do you think? 
Your type of property? 
Too remote?
Somewhere to watch out the end of the world?


  1. Interesting and I love the seal colony! We are the same. We never intend to move from here. Before we came to Wales we travelled to the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland to look at a property. It didn't work out for our needs or our boys but it was definitely somewhere Jon and I could have lived if it were just the two of us.

    1. This place is the perfect balance of things we were looking for without even realising it. The village is close enough and enough young (ish) people that we have loads of friends and the children have loads of friends in the vilalge and nearby town as well, but it's rural enough for me to do what I like. The other key benefit is we can afford it! I'm a weird creature, I'm either really social or I like to be on my own, around here I can choose my days!

  2. It's easier to find work than you'd think - if you're the practical type. Builders, plumbers, joiners etc are like gold dust here, especially on the outer isles.
    It's definitely far removed from normal life as you would know it. I'm on an island of less than 400 folks. We are thoroughly spoiled with two resident doctors, two nurses, an excellent school, a gym, pool, PO, pub, two general stores, craft centre, church, airport, cafe and hostel. No crime so no policeman. We really do leave doors unlocked all of the time, and keys in ignitions.
    On the downside, the weather is crap nearly all of the time. And it's windy. Pretty much always. We don't even begin to comment on anything much under 40mph.

    1. I think I could fit in well in island living. My carpentry trade coupled with a lifetime of living on farms or smallholdings means I'm pretty adaptable. My wife would hate it and I've no idea if there is enough children for mine to be friends with!
      The wind would really put me off. Is there a market gardener up there or is the soil no good for that? You could dig big sunken greenhouses and grow in those for many months of the year.
      It's something that really interests me and it would be an amazing challenge, but we do love where we live and there's no chance we'd move in the foreseeable future.

    2. It's farming country so a few veg pose no problems - provided you can give wind protection. We have extraordinarily long daylight hours in the summer which makes up somewhat for the relatively short growing season.
      Google 'polycrub'.
      Our community greenhouse is a Keder and has been up for a few years now.
      You can get away with a poly tunnel in the right spot, but covers don't last long.
      Children here live a charmed life. Small class sizes, lots of extra curricular stuff so that they don't feel left out. Music lessons, trips etc. It's a safe environment, like a fifties childhood I think.
      But for the grown-ups? Its a way of life that wouldn't suit everyone, that's for sure! I like the freedom - very little red tape out here! ;-)

    3. I think dug in greenhouses like these would be ideal
      Polycrubs look amazing, I like anything that's strong!
      It does sound amazing and like I said I think I'd love it, but don't get me wrong we're very lucky where we live here, this village seems to be like a place in the past, I seem to know everyone and have many friends. There's no way my wife would like it though, and it would be too far from our families as well.
      I'd do it for a year though just to see what it was like!

  3. Wouldn't want to be on it when sea levels rise...

    1. Something else to consider I guess! Hopefully it will never happen and we can start to reverse it all!

  4. It looks beautiful, but I couldn't live without trees. I think the new owner should release a few Rabbits, and keep a .22 rifle.

  5. Not bad, it would have potential for sure. Sea level rise would be an issue, not sure how far "above" it is. Not to mention a random tidal wave, ha. As Cro Magnon said I think it would definitely need some trees.

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