Sunday 9 July 2017

Some Seed Saving Already

I sowed some peas I'd not grown before far too thinly in the spring. I could see it wasn't going to make enough for much more than a meal so I decided to let them all dry and save the seed to grow a much larger amount next time. 
So on Thursday we collected all the dry pods and cut the rest of the bush down to leave somewhere to dry. the best place I could think of was my van sat in full sun! It did a great job, dried them out completely in two days (just need to pod them now). 
I'm in two minds with this seed. I might sow this new batch for a late crop of peas as it would be nice to have some podding peas as I'm sure we'll be fed up of beans in a few months! Risky but the seed has cost nothing! 
I also got the girls on another seed saving project for me - saving grass seed. I gave them a sweet tin and they collected loads for me, this should help patch any bare bits of soil we've got or thicken out thin bits. Certainly saves buying any and they were really proud of how much they collected. 

Who else has already started to collect their seeds for next year?


  1. Just some chive and perennial onion seeds so far, but saving my own seed is something I want to get better at- hopefully this year!

    1. ~I've saved chives as well, although I've got more than enough plants for me at the moment! Each year I'm try to save more and more seed if I can!


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