Sunday 27 August 2017

Seed Swappers BBQ

As I'm the newest (and youngest) member of the Herefordshire Seed Swap I suggested a BBQ at mine for the summer meet up. I think they were all quite keen to see what we get up to here and where we were. 
Before we ate I took everyone on a whistle stop tour of the homestead, showing them the veg gardens, orchard, coppice, sheep and chickens, I'm just hopeful most could see past all the nettles and see the produce growing around it! The children provided much entertainment as well, stealing carrots and getting stung by the nettles! 
Such an amazing spread of food
Everyone brought some food with them and we had slow cooked a large joint of mutton and my wife baked bread rolls, it was a lovely spread of food. We all ate very well! With cakes and plums for pudding! 

These three did me proud and were very well behaved! 
It was a lovely evening, the weather was perfect and we sat out on the patio as it got dark. 
They're a lovely group of people and the seed swap is a great thing that I'm really keen to be a part of, I've got lots of crops for seed this year so I should be able to provide even more seed next year. It's also a group with a large bank of knowledge that I'm only too keen to tap into! 
Our next meet up is in October and it'll be interesting to see what seed we've managed to produce as a group! 

If there is a seed swap group near you why don't you try and get involved?


  1. What a great idea, like minded people meeting up, sharing info and ideas.

  2. This sounds like such a fun thing to be a part of.

  3. Always fun to get together with people who share your interest. I don't think we have anything organized like that around here, though people do sell seeds at our farmers market.

  4. what a lovely event, we have just got in from a sausage and mash supper in the village, its great when people can get together and share.

  5. We had a village barbecue yesterday which was really nice but you've inspired me to see about a seed swap at our garden club. We already do a plant swap in May, which is brilliant- I always come away with lots of different veg plants- but maybe people will be interested in a seed swap earlier in the year as well? The plant swap is very social and involves wine so that might sell the seed swap too!


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