Sunday 14 October 2018

Roofing In The Wind

So with much juggling of childcare this last week I managed to help start putting my brothers roof on in some of the worst weather we've had in months!  

Conditions have been far from ideal but we've made a bit of progress with this roof for the  house my brother is currently building.

Working with the Dillster again! 
It's a truss roof with attic trusses (so big open loft space). Dad had made a big jib to be able to lift them up the scaffold for us.

Dill, the bricklayer who did the masonry on my extension has been building my brothers house and has done an excellent job on it.

Unfortunately with the weather we've been having we had to call it a day at about 2 on Friday, the wind and rain was just too strong. We probably should have stopped sooner but when you're already wet it sometimes seems pointless stopping! When we got down we saw reports of local trees blown over and the devastation caused elsewhere and we realised that maybe we were pushing our luck!

On the Saturday we managed to get all the joists in place. I didn't fancy doing anything high up as the wind was that strong you had to brace yourselves in the gusts!

There's a  fair bit of work in this roof, most is trussed but I still need to cut a lot of the rafters on site as it's L shaped and trimmed out for different things.

Going to be lovely when it's done but there's a fair bit of work to do to it yet! A cracking spot to build it as well - We had our wedding party in this very field!

Who else would love to build their own house?

What type of house would you build?


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