Thursday 3 January 2019

New Year

Well 2019 hasn't started off as well as we would have liked. My wife's mother tripped and fell on new years day and broke her hip. She went to have surgery and they decided to replace it rather than repair it. So quite a dramatic start to the year, but she's all good and on the road to recovery.

We also have a funeral to go to tomorrow for a previous neighbour who we used to live next to before we moved here. Such a a shame as she was such a lovely person and has had a long battle with cancer.

Funny when I think back, she was my first ever proper neighbour, growing up our nearest was a full field away, and she was a great neighbour and became a good friend.

She'd happily look after everything when we went away and was always so friendly and nice. I have many happy and funny memories of her, one springs to mind when a rat had got into her kitchen and we were both trying to get it out! Neither of us wanted to open the cupboards and it kept going from one to the other.

Such a shame that she lost the fight.

Other than all that the time between Christmas and new year has past like a blur, lots of family and friends, lots of fun times and getting some jobs done.

I've lots of aims and ambitions for 2019, a long list! I'm going to do my regular self reliance goals post in the next couple of days! It's going to be an optimistic list I think!


  1. Happy New Year. Hope things are better from today on. My Dad broke both hips (in the same month) when he was much older, very frail and confused and couldn't cooperate in his recovery. The one they replaced healed so much faster and better than the one they "set". Hope your wife's mother is up and around soon. Bless her heart. I know your wife must be worried but please know some people make an amazing recovery with modern orthopedic techniques. Best wishes to you all. Peg in Florida

  2. Hope 2019 turns out far brighter for you and all your crops succeed Kev.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Sorry to hear it hasn't started so well for you, I hope it improves from here onward and throughout 2109.

    Best wishes,

  4. A broken hip, oh my, not a good thing any time of year. Glad to hear she's recovering well. That's sad about your neighbor; good neighbors are becoming increasingly rare. Hopefully everything will be smoother sailing now.

  5. Happy New Year I hope you achieve everything you wish for.


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