Saturday 6 June 2020

Chive Flower Vinegar

As well as trying to buy good ingredients I'm always looking for ways to improve them. 

Chive flower vinegar seems the perfect way to do this, it really makes some boring white wine vinegar interesting.

I sent the children to pick some chive flowers for me, while I gently heated up some white wine vinegar (warm, not too hot) then poured this over the flowers to let them infuse together. 

Smells incredible at this point - if a little strong!

I'll leave this for a few months before we use it for salad dressings and anything else we can think of!

What is your favourite infused vinegar to make?


  1. I no longer have enough chives but used to make it, looks like meths when done, a deep purple.

  2. Haven't infused vinegar for years, but you have set me thinking. Might try the last of the nasturtium flowers.

  3. I can't touch anything related to onions, not even chives. That looks incredible, and makes me thinking I might use rubber gloves and do heating outside, so I'll be allright... And then I remembered I had onion bulbs (to plant, for my parents) in my car yesterday and just the smell gave me migraine (and they were packed inside a thick paper bag).
    But I will make some herb vinegars this year, I'll have plenty of material later in the summer.


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