Friday 2 October 2020

Wood Chipped

 I forgot to post this the other day about dealing with the oak branches that fell from one of our big trees. 

My brother came back with his big chipper to deal with all the brash. 

I know we could have burnt it but decided that this was a better use as we get the wood chip to use around the place instead. 

We pulled out any bits that were of firewood size then started to feed the rest through the chipper. It was hard hot work but only took a couple of hours (thankfully). 

It was good to get it done before it had started to rot into the grass and the weeds grow up through it. All tided up now with just a big pile of oak wood chip left to use somewhere. I know it'll be high in tanins so might just use it around my blueberry bushes as I'm fairly sure it'll be slightly acidic.

What would you use the wood chip for?

I keep looking at all tha corns and thinking we must try to dry some for our own consumption this year - I've been saying it for a long time now and people often put me off. Who has made their own acorn flour? What was it like?


  1. Woodchips are good for paths in a veg plot. It also composts and most commercial compost are decomposed bark. Suppose you could sell or swap some? It makes a good mulch around shrubs and fruit trees. Preferably when it's decomposed a bit so that it doesn't take nitrogen from the soil like fresh sawdust does.

  2. My parents used to use wood chips heaped into metal shopping baskets under seed trays to start them off early as they give off heat. You could use them instead of a heater to stop your green house from freezing. as they decompose they give off a good amount of heat like a compost bin.

  3. Kev, you feed acorns to pigs. Haven't you red Winnie-the-Pooh?

  4. We use our woodchip (www for composting and for smoking / adding flavor to some of our food products. We've used our acorn flour to make bread, cookies and as a coffee substitute. But it does need to be combined with regular flour. It's incredibly laborious as acorns need to be cut and crushed, then run through with fresh water for days to remove the tannins, then dried and roasted, before using.


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