Monday 1 February 2021

Prime Agricultural Land...

I know we're not alone on this front but it is so wet here at the moment. 

These pictures are from our bottom "field" or as it is at the moment - a pond. 

It always lies wet in winter but I've never seen it this bad in the nine years we've been here. Water drains away but very slowly - not helped by some o the road ditches being dug the wrong way. 

Until we get a barn here over wintering our legged animals really isn't an option, they would puddle the ground in no time. The other two fields are better but it is still a bit like walking through slop. 

 But I'm honestly not complaining. Life is good, a few wet fields don't change that - they make it a bit more tricky but I'm still thankful for what I have. 

Roll on the summer! 


  1. That IS wet! No, as you readily admit, it's not the end of the world or much to complain about in comparison with other things you might have to deal with. But things like the wet, wet fields you can't use ARE a real frustration. Keep up your good attitude, as you always do!

  2. It has been an exceptional winter for precipitation though hasn't it?

  3. Everywhere is very wet and muddy here. The fields have turned into ponds. I have never seen the river here burst its banks before so a boat was stuck under a bridge.

    1. Even the streams round here are doing it as well!

  4. Maybe you should try growing rice! ;0D

  5. That is quite a mess of rain. We would gladly take some of that at the moment.

  6. Here is very wet too, we are in rainy season.

  7. Living on the lower part of the hill, as we do. with only fields above us, it brings home the subject of soil erosion, in a very muddy way !!!


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