Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Medium Wooden Potting Tray - New Timber

 So I thought I'd do a few posts with some products I currently sell online.

The first is my potting trays, ideal to keep your greenhouse or potting shed tidy! 

The potting trays I make in three standard sizes - medium, large and jumbo. This is the medium one, I tend to make small batches and can never predict if I'll sell more medium or large ones - basically I tend to sell more of the one I made less of! 

I do make trays from reclaimed timebr but due to a few different reasons (and volume of sales) I'm struggling to get enough to meet demand. So I've make these with joinery quality softwood. The base is rebated into the sides to provide extra strength.

When I have finished them I then oil them with one coat of linseed oil that I have added a natural pigment to to darken them down a bit, then once that is dry I oil them a second time with just plain boiled linseed oil. 

The medium trays are 58cm wide by 40cm deep and about 17cm high. You can find the link to buy them here on Numonday, I list them in two places and they are slightly more money on Etsy as I don't know the commission I pay until Etsy tell me where they got the traffic from. 

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  1. They look lovely Kev. Hopefully the shortage of lumber due to sales is a good thing!


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