Tuesday 20 July 2021

Dehydrated Gooseberries

The other night my younger daughter came wondering up from the garden without her skirt on. 
She'd taken it off to carry all the gooseberries that she had picked from the one huge gooseberry bush we've got that's producing (we have ten young bushes that aren't quite there yet). 

 I thought that was using her head, but also thankful that the neighbours couldn't see! 

When I planted a lot of soft fruit last year a big part of it was thinking about more dehydrated fruit. I love having it on my breakfast and last years damsons and plums has been incredible and so full of sharp flavour.

So I'd planted 10 gooseberry bushes without really checking to see if they dehydrate very well! Luckily this little experiment confirmed what I thought - they are awesome. After 24 hours at 57 degrees they came out every so slightly chewy and tasting like one of the best sour sweets you've ever eaten. They're almost too sour, but you have to go back for more! 

I imagine in my breakfast these are going to taste ace! 

While the dehydrator was on I also did about 4 trays of cherries and one with some bananas that were going over. 

Anyone else dehydrate gooseberries? What's your favourite dried fruit/treat? 


  1. Haven't tried gooseberries - they were such a precious commodity in my garden that they all went into the freezer for gooseberry semolina soufflé. Favorite fruit from the drier are mangoes, bananas, and apricots - but the apricots have to be slightly acidic and flavorsome going in or they come out like orange pieces of tasteless plastic. Have you tried blending bananas into stewed plums and making fruit leather?

    1. I've tried fruit leather - the only trouble is the kids treat it like crack so in the end I gave up making it! Just too addictive for them (and me!).
      My friend has apricots growing on his farm - they tasted great fresh, I bet they'd be great dried.

  2. apricots are my favorite...also very sour sweet! i love gooseberries but they are hard to find here.

    1. Gooseberries are such a good fruit to grow - would you be able to grow them? They're pretty abundant once established.


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