Sunday 19 September 2021

Baking Before School

Sometimes I get silly ideas in my head - like making bread before school! 

To  be fair it was only the dough that they were making. An enriched one to make apple buns for a bake sale at school.

The dough was being tricky though and we must have got something wrong as it didn't pull together very well or quickly. Lots of kneading needed. It was only as we covered it over that I remember they had school photos that day and they were already covered in flour! I made them quickly run and get changed! 

I finished making the buns in the day when the kids were at school and took them later when I met up with them for the after school meet up for the parents. I was pleased to see them go really quickly when I dropped them off! 

What would you bake if you had to take something to school or another function? Do you gave a go to favourite to cook?


  1. Kev, it is likely to be cookies or brownies here: fairly low cost and low intensive work, and everything will get eaten in the event there are leftovers (which there seldom are).


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