Wednesday 6 October 2021

Earth Oven part 5 - Building And Drying

 It feels like this project is nearly there now. Still quite a bit to do. 

We built the sand former and covered it in a good layer of mud. I then got brave and a few days later I took the sand out and had a little firing to start curing it. I plan to do another post on this soon, but I'm going to write a magazine article as a how to first.

the children were so proud when we fired it up. I wored well to the weather and managed to build a shelter around it before all this bad weather we've been having. Good job as well, I thin it might have washed away otherwise. The shelter was built from reclaimed materials and I got it up in a day. 

Once we got that first clay layer dried we started adding an insulation layer. This is simply sawdust and clay, although that can make the mix quite wet so I've had lots of little fires to try and dry it before we add the final layer. 

So still a bit to go, my Middlest wants to have a pizza (and task master) party for her birthday in a week or so time, so need to get it ready for then! 


  1. Taskmaster?! She certainly doesn't go in for princesses... I'd love to be a kid at her parties. That oven is looking well on the way. When you have written it link you magazine article.

  2. great job and so smart to built the coverup! i can't wait to see the pizzas!


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