Monday 25 July 2022

I Have A Pressure Canner!

 I've finally done it and purchased a pressure canner!

It's something I've been talking about for over 5 years so it's great to finally own one.
I can only see things like this rising in price in the coming years so I figure I might as well invest my money now and use it to preserve food rather than wait any longer. 

I purchased it from Roise at LoveJars as I do make some items for them to sell and find them lovely to deal with. she has often supported my small business so it's great to support hers back. I also  got a range of jars, the better weights and an extra rack to go in the canner when doing pint or half pint jars (click on her package deals). 

I'm super excited to try it out. What would be the first thing you'd can?

I have a stupid amount of beetroot at the moment so I'm wondering if that might be the ideal product to start on? Maybe some canned beetroot soup?


  1. A pressure canner opens up a whole new world of food preservation! Great purchase. I've never canned beetroot, but it would definitely be nice to have in the pantry!

  2. You'll love it. First thing to can??? Water. Yep. Put jars correctly filled and capped in with just plain water. Why? You'll get the 'feel' of it, and you'll learn the 'curve' of keeping the heat right. It is a skill - not a hard one - but still, it is something to learn. Better on water than valuable veg. Follow the book; you can't fail. I grew up canning, and my wife and I fed our family that way. Now, as an old widower, I still can. Go for it!


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