Wednesday 1 March 2023

Another Apple Tree Pruning Video!

 So I think when learning to prune, other than doing it yourself, watching someone do it is a really good way of learning. 

That's my thinking behind doing a number of videos pruning this year. It shows a few examples of different trees and how I tackle them. 

This video shows a ten year old tree (a russet this time) and how I go about pruning it for this year. 

Always a nice feeling when the orchard is pruned ready for spring to start! 

Everyone else got their trees pruned for this year?


  1. We prune our Magnolia for a couple of years, then we get a tree surgeon in the third year, it works for us, I treat it as a tall shrub, I walk around with a long stick, pointing to spots where I want husband to cut. It blooms every year and has not grow too big for our small garden.

    1. I think that's essential with trees, to keep them manageable for a garden and the space they're in. Magnolias are such beautiful trees.


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