Tuesday 4 April 2023

Guess the seeds!

 I love this time of year, seeds in the ground, promise of harvests to come! 

I thought I'd give these another go this year. 

I tried a few years ago but the mice ate them before they germinated. 

Anyone guess what they are? 


  1. Look similar to a Broad Bean but not quite - maybe slightly different sort?

  2. Kinda look like lima beans . . . only a bit bumplier!

  3. They look like lima beans.

  4. I too agree that it is probably a bean of some sort. We have some seeds in the ground at both our farm garden a more in our greenhouse. I hope to plant some more potatoes this weekend. But we still have another three weeks before the last frost of the year so will have some time to kill before getting our summer garden things in.

  5. Lima beans were my first thought!


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