Sunday 7 July 2024

Adjustable Sloe/Berry Scoop

So today I came across someone who had a carbon copy of my gooseberry scoop on Instagram. That I'm not too worried about, it was going to happen and they're not selling them. The bit that annoyed me was the fact they denied that it was a copy, saying they saw something on holiday last year, but could show me no pictures. I only asked for  tag in the video so people could find me. I understand that people will make their own, I'm fine with it, but say where you got the idea rather than passing it off as your own. 

There are also 2 3D printed designs out there that very closely resemble my design. They have given the plans away for free, so they don't really benefit from it much.

I'm tempted to make a video showing how to make mine, as people that will, will do it anyway, maybe making the design have a creative commons licence, so I can still build them but morally others shouldn't do it for profit. Not sure, willing to take advice. I doubt a patent is worth it, and it'll probably only cause me headaches and paperwork in the long run. 

Anyway, on that note I thought I'd share the prototype for an adjustable berry scoop, with sloes in mind really. By sharing it here I know people can copy it, but at least the original idea is mine. I had considered it when making the other scoops, but it takes longer to build and is heavier.

The adjustment is with a slot (rather roughly cut but I just did this with a grinder to make the prototype), a coach bolt in the slot and a wing nut behind. It will work better with two slots in each I think for the final thing to hold each metal wing securely. Loosening them off means the slot can be adjusted easily, so that it forms more of a "V" as well, should you need it. 

This makes the slot adjustable, the metal also means that heavily spiked blackthorn can go through it, not damaging the wood of the scoop. It may damage the branches slightly but anything that slows up the growth of my blackthorn will be a good thing in all honesty. 

I tried it on some very under ripe sloes and it seemed to work, although with those spikes you need some serious gloves to protect your hands. Hedging gloves at a minimum. 

 I think this will be another product to add to my stable of things I've designed and made. I'm pleased with my whole range to be honest, I'm struggling to build enough stock, which is a great position to be in. 

So adjustable sloe/berry scoop, something to work at and make a reality. But now my design is out there and someone can't say I've ripped them off. 

What do you think?

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  1. I think the life of a designer is tough unless they are continually cranking out new things. If you just do one thing, like what you are finding, eventually people catch on and bypass you. I used to have a pumpkin growing business that depended on weighing large trucks on industrial scales in a nearby town. Often the trucker wanted to be on his was and so business was conducted immediately after weighing. A few years went by and suddenly the owner of the scales got into the pumpkin growing business.


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