Saturday 6 July 2024

Young Beekeeper - Collecting Swarms With Middlest

 So last week I collected two swarms on my own. Well I say on my own, but I actually had some help...


I had a phone call in the middle of the day from Lesley who got me my first swarm (which unfortunately didn't stick around). She said there was another swarm in the church yard, she was away so I should get it! 

So I grabbed my stuff and went to investigate. Some scaffolders were working near by and pointed the swarm out to me. 

I got this one no bother, went and set the hive up and got them into their new home.

Then I got a phone call, another swarm. 

This time up a tree. I had to pick the kids up first from school and Middlest was keen to don her suit and give me a hand. She loved every minute of it.

We filmed the whole thing, and it makes for fun watching. 

She even helped me shake the bees onto the ramp. 

She then sat there as cool as a cucumber while they walked their way up into their new home. She was a total natural, so calm and interested in it all. 

So although I lost the first swarm, I now have two more to replace them and they're in there hopefully happy - we'll do the first inspection when we get some good weather. 

Sorry for so much bee content - it's quite fun at the moment! 


  1. Please don't apologize! It's absolutely fascinating. If our neighbors three doors down didn't have bees, I'd be hosting them myself. Your daughter takes after her dad.

  2. No need to apologize! I'd love to learn more and maybe get a hive. But its bear country here... Seen one on our walk this morning... Again.


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