Sunday 15 April 2012

Nettle Soup

Last week we had our first meal from our smallholding, nettle soup! It's going to be a while until our veg is ready to eat so I thought a foraged meal would be a better place to start.

Unfortunately, finding the nettles was far too easy.
Collecting your nettle in a old Waitrose bag makes them feel posher
The recipe i used goes as follows:
One carrier bag of nettles,
One onion,
Two garlic cloves,
One potato
1200ml of stock
salt and pepper

Adding them to the saucepan in batches as they soon wilt down
Fried the onion in a little oil till softened, then added the diced potato and garlic. fry these for 5 minutes before adding the stock and the nettles (well washed).
Wilted down nettles
Leave this to cook for 20 minutes then blend it together 

Blend it
Nice, cheap tea
 Although the soup was nice it did taste a little like it was missing something, maybe some herbs and spices would have improved it - anyone with any suggestions?


  1. Here is a youtube video you might like on nettles it is from JAS Townsend and Son if the link does not work.

    1. Hey that's a great link - but I'm sure I'm going to end up watching more of his videos now! I might have to try cooking them that way as well and see which is best. lighting frying the nettles like that in the onions would probably give them more flavour, I also like all his cooking equipment (although not sure they would have had welding gloves in the 18c).
      Thanks for looking

  2. Hi, I had the most lovely nettle soup when I was in Salzburg last year. I have been meaning to find a recipe since then. I will check out that you tube video.

    Great blog by the way, I followed over from Rhonda's link. I bet you will have hundreds of hits now :)

  3. Parmesan style cheese sprinkled in it tastes lovely!

    I also came via Rhonda's Blog, you're suddenly going to inundated with comments.

    Sue xx


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