Friday 27 April 2012

Cutting Ties

Well now it really feels as though the gamble to move to our smallholding has paid off.
Today we sold our old house, it wasn't without complications but now its sold and its one less (major) thing to worry about.
Our old house in a lovely village

We loved our old house, but it was never what I really wanted long term as it was in the middle of village with just a normal sized garden. I'd filled this garden to bursting point with veg, fruit, chickens and sheds but I always knew I wanted more land in the end. It was the perfect first house and we had five lovely years and some great memories, but no regrets about moving on.
The old garden - Not quite enough space for all I want to grow!
The old house was much bigger and we do miss the inside space a bit but with all the land we've got now I'm sure that, with planning, we can extend in a couple of years time depending on work and finances. As well as this we're in a much quieter area with beautiful views and 5 acres with endless possibilities!
Its always risky buying somewhere else without selling your other house first but I'm so glad we took the risk as its paid off.
Bye bye old house enjoy your new owners!

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