Tuesday 22 May 2012

Leek Thief

Sometimes you learn things the hard way. I'm living back in "proper" countryside now, not like the village I was before. That means if I leave plants outside the rabbit fence, even just for a couple of days to harden off, they will probably get eaten. My leeks are now much shorted than they were to prove this! Rubbish.
"Shorter" leeks
Now what though? Plant some more - its too late really or just plant these - will they do any good or grow bushy? Some help please!
Nice pot of salad
Everything else seems to be looking good and we had our first salad last night from a pot in the green house with loads more nearly ready to have.


  1. We've never had leeks nibbled by rabbits :) I would be tempted to plant them out anyway.
    Can I suggest a forum? UK Veg Gardeners. Friendly folk and a great source of advice :)

  2. Cheers for the comment - I'll have to have a look at the forum. I bought some young plants from the car boot as replacements but I might still try and plant a few to see what happens.


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