Sunday 6 May 2012

Lots of Planting

With the greenhouse now glazed I've been getting on with some serious planting this and last weekend as I'm a little behind.
Marigolds always germinate really well
Firstly I potted on all my tomatoes - this is a job long overdue but they weren't as root bound as I thought they'd be.
I also planted sweetcorn, sunflowers (inside and out), marigolds, sprouts, purple sprouting, cabbage, runner beans, french beans. I pretty much filled every pot I could find. I also put in another row of carrots and some peas outside but my beetroot hasn't come up get (or more likely the slugs have had it).
Some weeds are also starting to make an appearance so I'll have to get the hoe out tomorrow!
Are you on target with your veg planting this year?


  1. Thanks for joining The Lazy Farmer. I visited England in 1984. My brother and I rented a 2CV in London and drove across England on the M-1. Quite and adventure. Hate it when the Pubs close early on Sunday. Wanted a Pint and some Yorkshire Pudding as we were in fact in Yorkshire.
    Interesting to read what you are doing. Looked at your other blog and see you are much better carpenter than I!

  2. Cheers for the comment. I might be a better carpenter but I'm sure you're the better farmer. I've been loving reading your blog, normally makes me laugh! 1984 visit to England - I'd have been one year old!


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