Monday 17 December 2012

Apple Trees Have Arrived

My apple trees arrived last week. Now I'm sure it will be obvious to anyone who reads my blogs that I wasn't ready for them.
My delivery - 27 trees in here
 I had planned just to heel them in. Trouble was the ground was frozen solid. I needed a plan B - I heeled them in in the greenhouse. It's not heated but the ground was still soft so it should keep their roots safe. These trees aren't as big as some I've bought in the past but they all look healthy and as I'm planting them as cordons I want to keep their growth quite small so it might be an advantage.
Heeled in in the green house
Now I've got to prepare their plot, put in three posts with straining wire, and plant them all, should keep me busy for a while - a job over the christmas break I think!


  1. An excellent idea to let them holiday for a while in the greenhouse, no point in breaking a spade in frozen ground!

    Sue xx

    1. If it's not frozen then it's too wet! I want to give them a good start as I'm hoping they're going to give me lots of fruit in the years to come!


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