Sunday 14 April 2013

Planting A Little Tree Nursery

In a break between April showers today I managed to get my grafted trees planted.
My tree nursery bed
 I dug over a small patch of the veg garden yesterday with the rotovator so planting was fairly easy. I added in some compost and bone meal to give them the best start then set about planting them.
I spaced them one foot a part (300mm) in a row and my rows were about two foot apart. These trees are only going to stay in this bed for one or maybe two years before they are big enough to be up dug up and transplanted somewhere else. I used a short length of bamboo to mark each tree as I know what I'm like when I'm wondering around the garden in the dark!
I plan to keep the weeds down on this bed by mulching with straw as the last thing I want is another area to weed, but having them in the veg garden means they are safe from rabbits!
Thanks to compost woman for this cutting!
I was a little annoyed while planting as I seem to have lost the label off one tree, so now I need to figure out which one it is!
What am I going to do with all these trees? Some I'll keep and grow, some I'll give to friends and family once they're established and hopefully I'll sell one or two (although not the one with the missing label!).


  1. Oh well done you, I am sure that your care and patience will be rewarded by healthy, happy, trees.

    The only 'new' tree that Lester has produced here came from the pip he planted from an apple he was eating. It was soon after we arrived, and despite being absolutely neglected, including having its top accidentally cut off a couple of times by the strimmer, it is now eight foot tall, needs trimming but hasn't been yet, and has a couple of flower buds waiting to burst open. We wait with interest as to what type of apple it produces, if any, but it doesn't matter if it never fruits, the fact that it has managed to keep going despite not having much help makes us very fond of this graftless tree!

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