Thursday 25 April 2013

Standing Firewood

I know it's too late to be planting trees, but they were half price so I couldn't resist.
Tree planting kit!
I 've decided to add to our little coppice area in the bottom of the second field. I wanted to plant some more trees for future firewood and have a few fruiting trees mixed in. We've already got sweet chestnut, Rowen and hazel planted.
To add to it this year I ordered 10 common hazel, 1 purple filbert, 1 kentish cob, 1 paper bark birch, 2 cherry plums, morrello cherry and a Stella cherry (I also ordered some more fruiting root stocks). I also moved a couple of flowering cherries I had in pots that I couldn't find a home for down to this area.
Marking spots to plant trees with bamboo
Having this little area set aside in the one field will be great for wildlife and if I add a little every year and manage it well then we should be able to have some firewood from it in the future as well as a regular supply of fruit and nuts (if I can fight the squirrels)
I'm hoping it will be come a miniature "forest" garden area, I've also added a gooseberry cutting I had spare, alpine strawberries and a blackcurrant. I will be adding bluebells, wild garlic and other herbs as the trees start to get established. The trouble is I need to fence it off and I've no idea how much space to leave for future growth of this area trees are more of a passion then grass at the moment!


  1. It's going to be spectacular!
    Jane x

  2. Want more bluebells and woodland daffs now?

    1. Not just yet as I'm too busy! Thanks for the offer though!

  3. Thanks. I think it's going to be a great place for the kids to play!

    1. This comment was ment to be the reply to janes comment.


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