Saturday 13 April 2013


I've finally managed to buy a rotovator that I think will be up to the job.
My new work horse
It's a Lombardini Diesel powered rotovator. This means it will run all day on a lot less fuel than a petrol powered one and give good power.
I did have a quick try of it tonight (although it was raining) and it made a great job of the strip of soil in the veg garden with very little effort (but it's not easy to start). The clay soil didn't even slow it down!
I've got no other attachments for it yet, but looking at it I think it can have a cutter bar (or Allan Scyth) fitted and there's a hole for a tow bar. I'm guessing I could make it into a little garden tractor if I wanted, and make a trailer up for it for lugging firewood and things around the small holding.
I'm hoping that by having a good rotovator it should speed things up in the garden and let me concentrate on more important jobs. And although this makes me more dependant on oil it does mean that I should have more time available.
Does anyone else use a rotovator for their garden/allotment or do you prefer to dig it all over by hand?


  1. All by hand at Bwthyn y Llan...... Not by choice though.........
    I can't afford a rotavator

  2. I am planning to buy one, having done in my right ankle from years of digging (and also breaking ice out of water buckets in the barn!), but it will have to be easyish to use and also tolerate our clay!
    I got my dad's when he died, but my husband let a neighbor borrow it and it was no longer working when it returned...NO ONE will borrow the next one....

  3. We have a tiller...the advert shows a lady skipping along tilling the land without breaking a sweat..I can't pick the thing up. It really isn't big enough for what we need, but it's all we have!
    Jane x

  4. We dont have one but we have been looking at 2 wheeled tractors which is essentially I believe what you have there we too could do with the sycthe attachment for cutting between the trees and veg beds ....all of which is really uneven ground. I look forward to hearing how you get on :)

  5. If it is too much for me to dig over, I bribe a few locals with beer to do it for me!

  6. We don't have one, it's all down to brawn here (Lovely Hubby's not mine), at our last place we could use the tractor and all it's kit but here we don't have the space. Maybe when we move.


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