Sunday 30 June 2013

Broody Hen

Sorry no updates over the last week or so. I've been so busy with work and everything else that I haven't had time. I plan to have a good catch up on blogs sometime soon, so sorry for my lack of comments!
Clucking hen
 And as a follow on from my last post, no sooner had I moved the two silkies out of their arc, another hen went broody. She kept it up for a few days so I decided to separate her off from the others and put some eggs underneath her. The eggs are just from my chickens here, so no pure breeds, but it will be interesting what they turn out like!
Only seven eggs but she's only a small hen

Not a happy hen when I chuck her off her eggs for a drink and a feed for 5 mins a day!
Nearly two weeks in so hopefully my little girl will have some chicks to play with soon.


  1. 12 of my hens are broody at the moment
    I am trying to break them as soon as possible

  2. we did just that to three hens who went broody in late May. Between them they hatched 21 chicks! Nothing like counting the days until the new arrivals, and then the pleasure of seeing those little beings peeping out from underneath their mum's wings. Magic!

  3. How lucky you are! Hopefully next year we will be able to do the same.


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