Sunday 2 June 2013

Herb Garden

Last year I brought some herbs to replace the ones I'd left at our last house. From these I took cuttings from and divided up to make more plants (all in hundreds of pots which need watering). My idea was to have a large herb area in the front garden, but I've got bigger plans for that at the moment (more on that later) so I decided to get them out of the pots and make an area to house them in the veg garden.
From this...
 The first bit by the gate has been looking a little scraggy for a while now so I decided to give it a little make over.

To this!
I had over 25 chive plants to make a boarder around the outside (all just coming into flower so it should look nice) and then thyme, sage and rosemary were planted in the middle, many to these from cuttings I took in the autumn. The back edge was then planted with a line of lavender plants, although I'm fairly sure they're not going to stay there it will be a good place to grow them on until they're ready to be moved.
Now I could just do with some lambs to go with the rosemary!


  1. I always find my herb garden is the most used part of the veggies I grow, you can add herbs to virtually any meal.

    Yours looks really good and I love that you have lots of chives :-)

    When you get a bumper crop of chive flowers in the next few weeks make yourself some chive vinegar to use as salad dressing.

    Simply steep a good handful of chive flowers in white vinegar for a couple of weeks and then strain, it goes a lovely pale lavender colour and makes salads taste wonderful.

  2. Do you add anything to the wingea when you add it to salads like oil? Sounds good though I might have to give this a try! thanks Sue

  3. I like the paving slabs around the perimeter, good way to control the weeds. I find on our property that my garden edges are always encroached with buttercup. Good work.

    1. Yeah it's handy to divide up the area a bit. (it's also a little bit less garden to weed!) I could scream at the amount of buttercups I've got on the garden!


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