Sunday 6 October 2013

Globe Artichoke For Tea!

We had some friends over for tea tonight, but earlier in the day I sent them a text asking if they like artichokes. I got a good reply so I went out and harvested all the big ones.
These are the artichokes from two plants grown from seed this year
We then used my large preserving saucepan to cook them in (as it was the only pan big enough), boiled 'till they were tender. We then sat round the table scraping our teeth down fat ends on the leaves and eating the hearts at the base of the flowers. We were somehow left with more waste than what we started with, as each flower was deconstructed to it's basic parts and chucked in a bowl.
I think it's the effort and faff that goes with eating globe artichokes that I enjoy almost as much as their delicate taste. They're always a talking point and although it's something I'll only eat a couple of times a year I genuinely love eating them (the little girl enjoyed a few mouthfuls as well).
I also love how they look in the garden, all big and proud. A good and easy to grow veg if you've got the space.
Who else loves these space hungry thistles?


  1. I have never grown any but I am super good at growing thistles so maybe I should have a go at it next spring.

    1. I'm better at nettle growing but I do well with thistles as well! There pretty easy to grow but you're never going o fill up on them!

  2. Replies
    1. Sounds good - but it must be a lot of work getting them out of the middles


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