Saturday 7 December 2013

Planting A Hedge - Part Two - The Raw Materials

I'm planning to get my hedge planted when I'm off work over Christmas, so I thought it was best to order all the items I need well in advance
Tree guards
 This week I bulk brought 250 spiral tree guards with 3ft bamboo canes as well as 225 hawthorn plants that I heeled into the garden, ready for when I want them. I've also ear marked a few home grafted cider apple trees to plant in the hedge at intervals.
225 hawthorn plants ready when I want them!
I do need to get some pig netting, staples and fence posts to do the whole thing properly and prevent people (or dogs) getting through until it grows. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow either my father or my brother for a day to help me put all the fence posts in and then maybe next year we can get some stock!


  1. I don't think we have hawthorn here though I have heard of it so I am not sure. Sounds like you have everything lined up and with a little help it should be a good year end project.

  2. We call them deer guards over here. What are you protecting them from mostly?

  3. Hope the hedge grows quickly for you so you can more privacy on your land. When we came here we had lots of people traipsing over our land to get to the river beach. We didn't mind in the beginning, but it eventually got to be quite an infringement on our privacy. Love hawthorn. Such a pretty hedging.


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