Tuesday 22 July 2014

Willow Wand - Children's Toy

My wife and children went to the village fete the other day and had a great time. One thing I thought was really nice was that there was a willow weaver there who was giving every child a hand made willow wand. 
Willow wand
 She could have easily charged for this little toy but she didn't (you can find her website here) and the children were really enjoying playing with them.
A well used toy!
It proves that a toy like this doesn't have to be throwaway plastic tat.
Instead it can be from a completely sustainable and renewable resource and when it's finished with it's completely biodegradable. What a great toy made by skilled hands! 
Anyone else have similar toys around the house?


  1. Its great when some-one makes an effort to bring pleasure to others

  2. What a lovely idea. I'm sure that tht simple toy will be treasured for many years - who knows - perhaps even passed on to the next generation :)

  3. That is pretty good, I have never seen one of those.

  4. Would love to have a willow wand myself to play with!

  5. It was one of the first things I learnt to make on my willow weaving course. I gave all mine away but I kept some of my little wreaths and rings, some are decorated and some just stood on shelves.

    I love any natural toys and hate, hate, hate plastic, but it seems if you have children your home becomes a magnet for plastic toys. I tried buying my boys wooden things, but NO they loved the plastic. At least they grow up eventually and move onto more expensive less plasticcy toys ;-)

  6. As someone who is ashamed of the amount of evil plastic loom bands we have in our house, it is refreshing to see something like those wands that are not brightly coloured tat...Great idea!


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