Wednesday 1 April 2015

Purple Strawberry Seeds

April really is the time to get sowing, and I've got hundreds of seeds to plant over the next few weeks. 

One that I'm sowing that's a little different is these purple strawberry seeds, apparently they're a great cropper and have a slightly minty taste, cropping later in the year from seeds sown now. 
I've got lots of these seeds so if anyone wants any let me know!

April fool!
Well you lot are too sharp for me! I didn't manage to fool anyone! 


  1. I wouldnt mind try some purple ones along side the black ones :-)

  2. Hmmmm April fools day then! Almost over here although there was a sighting of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the skies over Queenstown.....


  3. Hmm.. Not sure about that one. Your not growing sphaghetti on your apple trees are you?

  4. By now I'd have figured you'd grafted them on to cocoa trees to produce chocolate infused strawberries...;-)

  5. You left some red...
    and the purple was too bright!

    Nice one... been taking advantage of the weather and only just seen this!

  6. You know, since you Europeans are always coming up with fruits and vegetables I never heard of, I thought those were real. I wondered why we didn't have them here!

  7. Lovely..... I must grow some of these ...... next April perhaps ;-)


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