Friday 26 February 2016

Spring Is So Close I Can Almost Smell It!

The weather is changing, with cold mornings and winter sunshine it really warms the soul. 
I worked from home yesterday making a door for a customer, so I took advantage of the sunshine spent a bit of time in the garden, planting some early seeds. 
I know I'm late getting my chillies in but I find it doesn't make huge amounts of difference if you haven't got a grow lamp anyway, sometimes they can get too leggy if you sow them too early. I also got some tomatoes in as well, but I'll sow plenty more of them later.
They're all sat quite happily on our bedroom window sill, germinating slowly.
Does anyone on here graft tomatoes or chillies or buy plants that have been grafted? I'd like to try my hand at it but need to buy the root stock seed to try it (and the grafting clips). 


  1. this has given me a much needed kick up the arse, still haven't planted my chillies this year either!

  2. Yep getting to be that time again although like last year I am going to have a small garden again this year. I am still mired in the fence project too far for my usual large garden.

  3. I'm still waiting for my patch to dry out enough to get my Rotavator on it. Normally I would have my red onions in by now. I've never bought a grafted veg plant.... FAR TOO EXPENSIVE!

  4. Too early for me to do anything here. I think it's better for me to wait a bit and then with the warmer weather any seeds I do plant will romp away quickly anyway.

    I had a very good grafted tomato plant a couple of years ago, red cherry tomatoes grafted onto the rootstock on one side and golden ones on the other, it was bought in, I don't think I would ever do it myself ... but I guess it's a good idea for anyone short of space.


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