Tuesday 27 December 2016

A Great Christmas

We had a truly magical Christmas day. 
The children loved their presents, each having a favourite - the girls loved their princess dresses and bikes whilst the boy loved a big box that a seat came in and was laughing so hard at going in and out of it that it was hilarious! 

Lunch was incredible, we had a locally sourced Cockerell instead of a turkey which was beautiful and tender, as well as lots of veg out of the garden. It was four o'clock before we had enough room to eat my wife homemade Christmas pudding that she'd made with friends a month ago (one of the nicest I've ever eaten if I get the recipe I'll post it on here!).

We then watched some films, read some books and tried not to eat anything else!

A lovely relaxing day spent with my wife and children, what more could I ask for?

How was your Christmas day? Hope you had a good one!


  1. we had a wonderful xmas too. my kids both came over early to open their presents. they had to come by themselves so teddy would eat my son's wife and my daughter's boyfriend. then i send them home with fresh out of the oven stratas to eat with their significant others as they opened presents. later in the day i sent them scotch eggs to eat on their way to the football game. life is different around here these days! glad you had a good one!

  2. I adore Christmas and had a lovely day. I think it's always more magical when you have young children though, and you pictures capture that perfectly.

  3. Christmas is always better with little kids & toys. And, as any parent will tell you, babies always prefer the box!!! I hope you took tons of pictures to show his future in-laws.


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